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Mona n. (Latin) means Ynys Môn (Welsh) or Anglesey (English) – and this is where we are….. The island is known as Môn, Mam Cymru (Môn, the Mother of Wales) the breadbasket of Wales, so we thought….. why not add some great beers to the mix?


Whilst the island’s first recorded name shapes our identity and our Welsh heritage influences us, we take our inspiration from across the globe, and we want to share a piece of Anglesey with the world.


Our craft brewery was established in 2018 by seven likeminded friends with a common interest in, amongst other things, good beer…. All our beer is hand-made in small batches, to ensure quality and consistency and we like to behave in a sustainable way.


Be a part of our story – follow us, try us and share us!


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